My Projects

Project- Inside The Between

This is the current project made in my final year of photography at The Edinburgh College of Art. Within this project I look at the space between engagement pertaining to the gaze.

Project- In The Shadows, My Love

This project is a response to a specific place in Scotland called Hospitalfield. This is a very old estate that was once the home of a wealthy family in the Victorian era and is now a museum and a place where artists come to do residencies. This work is a living sculpture in the form of a period-accurate mourning dress.

Project- In my Elements

This is a project based around the idea of the people in my life influencing various parts. I have chosen to represent them as the element, this project is ongoing and is not yet complete. I have chosen the symbol of the pentagram, most well know for use of it in satanic rituals, however, its true meanings lie behind the servants of nature – witches- where this symbol is used to represent all the elements; fire, water, air, earth and spirit. Using these five pillars I explore the elements that me up who I am as a person and as an artist.