Inside the Between

This is a project created for my fourth year at the Edinburgh College of Art. The work focuses on the gaze and the relationship between the viewer, artwork and artist. I started by looking at the eye as the tool for the gaze. I took photos of my eyes as a way of documenting and interacting with the material I was looking to work with.

These photographs were taken on a macro lens digital camera.

The next stage was taking photographs of both eyes engaged in a gaze with the camera. Using myself as a model was both the most convenient as well as being visualisation of relationship between the photographer and the camera.

Once I had a small collection of photographs I moved on to finding ways of manipulating the images in Photoshop. This lead to my exploration of the uncanny through various experiments.

Pushing the boundaries of how strange looking an image can be while still remaining true to its origin. The eyes were are still the primary element of the work, however, forcing a viewer to interact with the image much closer, in order to see what is going on, means that the spectatorial space is slowly getting smaller.

Once the space started decreasing, it allowed me play around with the viewers presence within the images. I kept using Photoshop to then create the feelings of uneasiness more prominent.

The final stage of this project is presenting these images in an environment where the viewer is almost overwhelmed by the images, feeling as though they are being watched by these very strange eyes existing ‘inside the between’.

Below are the final edits of photographs that I took during this project. These demonstrate the skills that I have developed throughout this project and draw a simple yet satisfying conclusion.